REAL Birthday!

My favorite picture from the day! Such a happy girl!!
Caroline's birthday has been going on for a little while now, but we actually celebrated her real birthday on Thursday!! We had quite a bit of excitement before hand, but tried to make her day extra special! Josh stayed a little later in the morning and got to see her wake up! He then fed her breakfast and a candle in her banana... her absolute FAVORITE and the first thing she begs for each morning. We let her open 1 present in the morning, so we picked one from Aunty Missy, Uncle Paul, and cousin Emma. Caroline received her first real baby doll! Now she loves little girls more than babies, so Missy searched hard to find one that looked a little older. The one she got is just perfect! Caroline played with her all day and now her favorite word is BABY! She also got a hot pink MaClaren baby stroller to go with it. It is just like her own stroller and is the cutest thing you have ever seen! Now we can each push one on walks! After that, we drove down to Josh's office and picked him up for lunch. We went in and saw all of his co-workers and then headed to Paradise Bakery. Caroline even got to have a chocolate chip cookie as dessert! (Of course I forgot the memory card for the camera for these events! :) Whoops!) Later on that evening, Grandmother and Papaw came over to help celebrate with dinner, cake, and presents from us! This is one special little girl and we wanted to show her just how special this last year was to us!
We decided that Caroline didn't really need much as far as presents go, but I couldn't go with out having things for her to upwrap! Can't everyone can use bibs and sippy cups as presents?!

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