Austin for the 4th

We headed down to Austin for the weekend of the 4th. We finally got to spend a little more time than just a weekend with Josh's dad and Karla. This was probably our 4th time to visit and I can now say that I am beginning to know Austin a little more. It is such a BEAUTIFUL city and there is so much to do there! We had a great time visiting and driving around and just being together. They took us to dinner at the Oasis. This restaurant is high up on a hill overlooking lake Travis. The views were just beautiful!! The weather on Saturday was pretty rainy, but it cleared up that evening for a gorgeous sunset and perfect dinner backdrop.
You could see GORGEOUS homes all around! They all had amazing balconies and were nestled into the hill. What an amazing place!Karla and I decided we would take this one! :)On Sunday we got to see Joanna's college! She will start at Texas State in San Marcos, TX in August and below is her standing in front of her soon to be dorm. We drove around the campus and walked around the dorm where she will live. Although we might have embarrassed her a little, we had a great time and loved seeing the campus! Soon we will be visiting while she is a real college student!!
What a wonderful weekend!! This is the only picture we got that resembled Fourth of July in any way. What were we thinking?!! Trust me... we had 3 different red, white, and blue outfits!! I guess there's always next year! :)

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