CeCe: Made with LOVE!!

Grami took Caroline on a special outing while we were visiting.  They went to Build-A-Bear where Caroline picked out and made her very own stuffed animal!
She picked out a gray kitty cat, helped stuff her and picked out a noise box where the kitty says "I LOVE YOU!" every time you squeeze her hand.
She had to give her one big hug to make sure the stuffing was just right!
Once stuffed, it was very important to make sure she was given a bath and her hair was combed perfectly!
Then we picked out her outift and shoes! Caroline decided on a butterfly, fairy outfit with hotpink glittery tennis shoes! And the one thing she cared about most was hot pink ROLLER SKATES! Grami made sure we got all of the items!

 Here is Caroline carrying her finished kitty home in her house!
MEET CeCe!!!
(minus the roller skates)

Caroline is always worried about where CeCe is when she goes down for a nap or for nighttime.  The first night we were home after our trip, she woke up at 4 am just screaming!  I went in there and she was so concerned because CeCe's shoe had fallen off of the bed and she couldn't find it. 

And then the other day when I was putting Caroline down for a nap, I accidentally layed on CeCe's arm and she said "I love you".  Caroline said "LOVE YOU" in response and I answered back "Oh, CeCe loves you?"  She said "no no, GIGI {Grami} loves you!"  Melted my heart! 

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  1. I love it! We may need to venture to Build-a-Bear at some point, that's so cute.