Last weekend was great!  We had some time as a family and then celebrated Grandmother's birthday after church on Sunday.  Caroline and I made cupcakes and Caroline decorated them by coloring on the fondant with edible markers.  She was SO proud of her creations!!

 Later that day, we decided it was time to take down the crib in Caroline's room.  Since Christmas, we have had both the crib and toddler bed in her room.  For a while she took her naps in the crib and slept through the night in the toddler bed, but lately she has not gotten in the crib at all.  Well, today was the day! 
The crib basically just held all of these guys and now they needed a new home!!
 Down goes the crib!  I have to say that I got a little teary eyed packing up the bedding and untying the bumpers.  We spent so long picking out all of the items for her room and they really were only used for a short time.  On to the next phase!
We also packed up Cooper's swing and both bouncy seats and put them up in the attic, while taking down the highchair, exersaucer and jumperoo for our little man.  He's getting so big!
 Grandmother gave Caroline a cradle that we now have room for her in bedroom and now holds all of her stuffed animals and babies.  I'm a little reluctant about getting a big bed because her room is small and I've been waiting to see if we sold our house or not.  So for now, the toddler bed stays.  It does make the room look SO much bigger and gives Caroline room to play.  Everything in there is just so tiny and there is no height to it.  Kind of silly, but it will work for now.  :)

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