No More Paci!!

You read that right!!  It has now been a week and a half that Caroline has NOT used her pacifier!!  If you remember that when we moved her into her toddler bed, she kept losing the pacifier in the middle of the night and waking us up because she was upset.  So in an effort to get her to sleep better, I got her this little horse stuffed animal that is connected to a pacifier just like hers.  This worked for a while, but not too long ago she actually bit through the tip.  {Think this means she's too old to be using one?  :) }  Anyways, she started putting her finger through the hole of the pacifier to suck.  Well now, we're over the pacifier... but onto sucking her finger!  Not exactly the trade-off I had hoped for.  Now we have a bigger problem!  The doctor told us not to pay any attention to it and hope she loses interest, but so far, I do not see that happening any time soon!  Back to the drawing board...!

On a side note:  On the plane ride home from Colorado, Cooper was really fussy.  He hadn't gotten a nap and we had just pushed him too far!  It was a pretty hilarious scene with Caroline sitting on my lap watching the iPad, Josh laying Cooper down in the middle seat, iPhone stuck in his ear as a noise machine and Josh's finger in his mouth for something to quiet him down.  Because he doesn't ever like the pacifier, we didn't have one for him.  We actually coaxed Caroline into letting him borrow hers' and handed it over to Cooper!  Who would have guessed this would ever happen?!!  Such a sweet girl!  And you could so tell we are 2nd time parents.  Did we sanitize the pacifier?  Did we even clean if off?  Nope just took it from her mouth and stuck it in his.  Anything to make him be quiet!  :)

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