How hot is TOO Hot?!!

We are SO ready for these HOT HOT temperatures to end!  This summer has been miserable and it really has been a challenge to take Caroline and Cooper in and out of the car.  Cooper is so big and stuck in that little infant seat so he just cries to be taken out!   It seems like 106 degrees is now the new normal and every day the 10 day forecast shows nothing but 3 digits.  We are now onto the 64th day of temperatures over 100 for the summer. It's hard to be outside these days but it has been even harder for my flowers!  First we had really bad hail in May and all of the plants were stripped and destroyed.  Then they somewhat recovered from that and were hit with the high temperatures, leaving most to die.  I've had to pull up quite a few and have pretty much just given up.  My poor flowers!!


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