11 months... 11 months... 11 months!
I definitely have to keep telling myself that Caroline is 11 months over and over again. Somehow this might be the hardest milestone. It is the last time I'll do this where she will be under a year! Although it's a little sad that she is getting older, this stage is definitely fun!! Caroline now has 3 teeth and we lovingly call her snaggle tooth. Hopefully that other top one comes in soon! She is quite the babbler and if you ask her dad, she can say 5 different words (or at least make the sounds!). She loves to laugh and is probably the most ticklish little girl I know. She also has a very sweet side and when she's tired she will lay her head down on you and cuddle. It's only for a second and she still doesn't sleep anywhere other than her bed, but it sure is cute! Her favorite toys are books and she loves to "read" them wherever she goes. She has also developed a love for dogs. Beca has always been her best friend, but now we have to stop and point every time she sees a real dog, a picture of a dog, or a dog in a book. They sure make her smile!

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