Birthday Practice... take 1!

While we were home in Colorado for Sarah's wedding, we had to take the opportunity to celebrate Caroline's first birthday with everyone who will not be able to be in Texas! It was a crazy trip and this just added to all of the excitement, but everyone came over and joined in on one big birthday celebration! Although it was hard for Josh to let Caroline have her first cupcake with out him and he never quite agreed to letting her have chocolate, we did let her take her first tastes of sugar! And I have to say that she LOVED it! I took quite a few pictures and by the time I was finished, I didn't realize that she had eaten the whole thing!! I can't wait to repeat this soon for her actual birthday!! My mom hosted such a nice party and she got such wonderful presents! Thank you to everyone!!
All of the girls helped us blow out her candle!
I think we like CHOCOLATE!!!
Fun with Cousins!

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