We were able to spend the week before Memorial Day with my family (minus Uncle Andy) in Panama City, Florida. We rented an amazing house that had enough room for everyone, was a short distance to the beach, and had a relaxing pool in the backyard. It was wonderful to unwind and was definitely a needed break from the busy-ness of life! We have been on the go for quite a while now and just can not believe it is June! Caroline loved Emma once again and could not get enough of her. She actually even started saying Emma while we were there and her eyes would light up every time she saw her. I'm not sure Emma felt the same way when she was trying to steal her snacks, but she sure did love her "Cousin Carrie" and was a great sport playing with her. It has been so much fun seeing these two little girls grow up together. They seem so far apart and different at this stage, but soon you won't even be able to tell who is older.
My Bathing Beauty!
We celebrated Missy's 29th birthday at Captain Anderson's down by the Marina.

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