Good Old Friends

One of the advantages to going back to Colorado is that I get to see some of my wonderful highschool friends! Our trips are always busy and packed full, but I did have a chance to see some of them the first night I was there. It is so nice that Cady and Karly are both back home!! This was the first time we had a chance to meet Noa and he is just such a bubbly, smiley, and chubby little ball of cuteness! He is now 5 months and I can't believe that it took us this long to see him! I can not wait to see these two little ones grow up together! Karly looks so happy and perfect and this night felt like old times. We spent the end of the evening playing on the Hall's trampoline and chasing around Caroline. We might be quite a bit older now, but its wonderful that we can just pick our friendship right back where we left them. These girls are the best!

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