Birthday DAY!

Caroline's birthday DAY started off great!!  Josh waited to leave for work until she woke up and then we had birthday waffles!  We let her blow out a candle and then even let her open a few presents to start things off!  Unfortunately Cooper was still sleeping and we didn't dare want to wake him up, so he didn't get to share in the morning festivities.  We took a lot of pictures, told our little girl just how much we loved her and of course, danced to Sweet Caroline!  She had a great time and just loves it when Daddy stays late in the mornings!

 Already acting like a teenager!
The Macha's met us for lunch at McDonald's and all of the girls had a wonderful time playing!  The second we walked into the play area, Caroline climbed the stairs of the playplace and I didn't see her for quite a while.  A great birthday lunch with great friends!

Even Cooper got some attention for the day!
Later that night, we celebrated even more with cake and more presents!  
Every great dad needs to wear bows and earrings!
We really did not need to get Caroline so many presents!  She still enjoyed the boxes and wrapping just as much!  I cannot believe I did not get a picture, but her favorite present of all was a suitcase!!  Who would have guessed?  We got her her own little pink princess suitcase and that is the toy she plays with the most!
I made a PINK cake at the request of the birthday girl!  Because we were having a 4th of July themed party the next day, pink just did not match.  So for her actual birthday I made a strawberry cake with pink icing! 

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  1. These are fantastic! The last one with her licking her finger...priceless!!!