Caroline had her first dentist appointment at the end of June!  We probably should have taken her sooner because her front tooth has still never come in, but we figured that there was not really much you can do while she's two.  We went to Dr. Rozas in Coppell and I would HIGHLY recommend this office!!  The waiting area was completely geared toward kids with toys and books and Caroline loved sitting in the small chairs.  We saw the new dentist to the practice, Dr. Blanton and she was fabulous!  Caroline was a little nervous at first, not sure what to think. They were able to check her teeth as well as put a fluoride treatment on them.  They were a little concerned about her front tooth not coming in and said that they had never seen this before.  It is really rare, but sometimes kids don't get certain teeth.  I started asking a lot of questions and they took several x-rays.  Caroline had to sit in the chair by herself while they put the x-ray camera in her mouth.  She was not really happy, but they did get 3 pictures.  They weren't completely clear, but the dentist seemed to think nothing was blocking her tooth and was pretty convinced that it will come in within the next 6 months.  I will say that I do feel something poking through.  Has anyone ever heard of a 2 year old getting a tooth so late?  :)  All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that it comes in.  Dr. Blanton did tell me that if child doesn't get a baby tooth, chances are the permanent tooth will not come in either. 

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