Terrific Two Year Old!

Time sure has flown!! I cannot believe that a little over two years ago Josh and I were newly married and preparing to start our family!! We had no idea what was ahead of us. Who knew things would have changed so quickly? Two years later and we are the proud parents of a 2 year old daughter who has lit up our world. Caroline is so full of energy and definitely keeps us on our toes. She is a girly girl who wakes up asking for a bow, wears high heels around and jewelry, but also is a little girl who loves to run and scream, can name all kinds of balls {basketballs, baseballs, footballs and soccer balls} and even knows which ones you throw and which you kick thanks to her daddy. She will put on my high heels, but gladly change them in for daddy's work boots any day. Life is definitely not dull and each day brings new joys and challenges.

Caroline has changed so much in just the past couple of months. I look at her and no longer see a baby. She is truly a little girl. One that can tell me what she's thinking, throw a temper trantum and then in turn give a big bear hug out of no where. She has come up with some of the funniest things and repeats them over and over. Some of her favorite sayings are:

Here you go Mom
I Gotcha!!
Watch this!
Hello down there!
Oh geez! Oh Man! Oh goodness!
Huff and puff and BLOW HOUSE DOWN

We had Caroline's 2 year wellness visit and found out just how much this girl has grown!

weight: 25lbs 8 oz. (31st percentile)
height: 35.5 inches (85th percentile)
head: 46.5 cm (22nd percentile)

Josh and I were a little surprised by this.  I guess Caroline hangs out with tall kids because we have always thought of her as short!  However, we knew she had a little head.  It is just 2.5 cm bigger than her little brother's!

Caroline, we love you!  We've enjoyed watching you grow into the little lady that you have become!!  Happy Birthday!!

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