South Padre

We were treated to a wonderful vacation to South Padre Island! Grandpa Doug had a water board conference down there a couple weeks ago and they invited us to go with them. We were not able to go last year, so we did not miss the opportunity this go round! We had a large 5 bedroom house that fit all of us perfectly! Doug had meetings during the day, but the rest of us were able to soak up some sun and quality family time!! Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Jo Jo, along with Adam's family all made the trip. I have to be honest and tell you that Josh and I were both dreading the 10 hour drive. We split it up on the way down there and stopped in Austin, 3 1/2 hours in and then did the rest the next day. We were pleasantly surprised and both kids did GREAT!! We bought an iPad right before and loaded it up with tv shows. Probably not the best parenting, but it did the trick and Caroline hardly complained. She slept about an hour total in the car, but did so well!

This is my view from the backseat while holding an iPad in one hand for Caroline, an iPhone in the other for Cooper and Josh doing work on his blackberry from the front.  Really?!  What did we do before all of this stuff??  :)
The beach was great and we had lots of sunshine!!
 Caroline absolutely LOVED spending time with her cousins. She just loves older kids and could not get enough of Jake, Josh and Sam. I'm sure they were ready to be apart, but she could have stayed forever!

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