"Rosie... Where are You??"

Somewhere in these bushes, if you look close enough, you will see a tiny baby rabbit!!  We've seen several in our backyard lately, but the other day one ran out of the plants while I was watering them.  It was so scared that it crunched down next to the fence and did not move.  Caroline saw it and was SO excited!  She loves bunnies and was even more thrilled to see a real one.  With my back turned, she actually got close enough and was just about to pick it up when I was able to stop her.  We named her Rosie and all day she kept asking to go and find her.  It is so cute how she calls for her.  "ROSIE... Where are you???"  And then says to me "Find her!"  Well, the next night we were out eating popsicles and out she ran from some plants and into another.  I'm so glad we actually saw her again!  I know these bunnies are probably tearing up the plants and we probably shouldn't want them, but with this heat, everything is pretty much already dead in our backyard.  It was so cute to be able to show these bunnies to Caroline and how she talks about Rosie all the time!

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